F Sport: Anything But Neutral
For those who choose deviation over assimilation, the IS 250 F SPORT is equipped with an invigorating F SPORT-tuned suspension. And, for a double shot of adrenaline, the IS 350 F SPORT boasts an exclusive Adaptive Variable Suspension and available Variable Gear-Ratio Steering (VGRS) (RWD only).

[1] Ratings achieved using the required premium unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 91 or higher. If premium fuel is not used, performance will decrease.
[2] Performance figures are for comparison only and were obtained with prototype vehicles by professional drivers using special safety equipment and procedures.  Do not attempt.

Honed On The World's Racetracks
Tested and tuned on six iconic tracks, including Fuji Speedway, a redesigned steering system and new performance enhancements help create an unprecedented visceral connection to the road. Both IS models benefit from increased body rigidity courtesy of new laser screw-welding techniques, varied panel thickness and an innovative adhesive bonding process.

Full-Throttle Exhilaration
Building upon the quick-shifting, eight-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters that debuted on the IS F high-performance sedan, the rear-wheel drive IS 350 and IS 350 F SPORT are the first Lexus vehicles to vary shifting with G-forces. By detecting when the IS enters a curve, a lower gear is held throughout for optimal response when accelerating out. And, when pushed to higher rpm, the IS 350 and IS F SPORT models are filled with a throaty engine note that complements the exhilarating performance of the vehicles themselves.

Drive Mode Select
Whether you're looking for added exhilaration or taking a relaxing drive through the neighborhood, Drive Mode Select enables you to make your IS more responsive or efficient with the simple turn of the switch.

All-Weather Drive
Fun doesn't take the day off for bad weather. By monitoring current driving conditions, available all-wheel drive automatically allocates engine power between the front and rear axles from 50/50 to as much as 30/70. This helps provide enhanced traction and control on a wide range of road surfaces and in inclement conditions.

Sequential Paddle Shifters
IS sport sedans with the available automatic transmission are fitted with race-inspired steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters. They allow drivers to quickly upshift or downshift gears without taking their hands off the wheel.  

Performance Brakes
The IS 250 features floating two-piston front calipers for impressive braking power.  The IS 350 offers even greater stopping power, utilizing alloy monoblock four-piston front calipers, as well as larger front-brake rotors. 

All-Wheel Drive (IS 350, IS 250)
Available for both the IS 350 and IS 250, all-wheel driver offers another degree of assurance while cornering.  By directing engine power to both the front and rear axles, this system helps provide improved traction and control in a range of adverse road conditions.

Specifications, features, equipment, technical data, performance figures, options, and color and trim are based upon information available at time of posting, are subject to change without notice, are for the State of Hawaii vehicles and may differ in the mainland U.S.A. vehicles and in other regions. For more information, call 808-54-LEXUS (808-545-3987).